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In Honour of my Grandson
Eric Dean Elliott
5/31/21 - 8/28/22


About Me

Hello, my name is Tammy Elliott and I am delighted that you have stopped on my page. I am a PSW of 25+ years and a recent grad of the Death Doula Certificate Course through Home Hospice Association of Canada.

While working as a PSW with our most vulnerable - our Senior Citizens - my passion for end of life care grew. It was very important to me to make their exit from this world as amazingly comfortable and beautiful as their entrance into it. Hence, becoming a Death Doula. I now have even more knowledge on how to help the dying and their family. Whether it be planning, vigil work, legacy work or in grief and bereavement work. 

Never did I think I would have to use my teachings on myself and my family after the tragic loss of my Grandson but it has made me understand and appreciate the different levels of grief.

I would be honoured to assist your or your family member along their final journey.

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I, the Grieving Grandma would like to offer support to those who have lost a Grandchild, or a loved one.

 I would like to do develop an online meeting\support system where we can talk about our experiences, ask questions and maybe get some answers from those who are going through the same as we are is my goal.

Also, offering support of those diagnosed with a terminal illness and would like to discuss their journey to death. I will support you and your family to the best of my ability and find you the resources to do so if I can't.

Is this sounds like something you would  be interested in?

 Kindly use the button below so we can set up a time to meet

Thank you

Ps - this site will be ever evolving & growing along with our journeys

How to Contact Me

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A Supportive Hug
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