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We Are Death Doulas

I wrote this during my schooling for Death Doula with the Home Hospice Association. It gives some explanations as to what we do.

Do you know or someone you know been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness?

Do you know who can provide support and guidance about the end-of-life process toa dying person and/or their family?

We, the Death Doulas, can!

HHA's death doula training teaches that:

"Dying is a Journey. Dying is about saying people, places, dreams and even our bodies; to who we are, who we have known ourselves to be. As Death Doulas, we have the opportunity to help people make meaning of the life they have lived to explore their fears, beliefs and help them gently lean into dying"

We, the Death Doulas are a trained group of individuals who can offer empathy, compassion, support, and a caring presence to a dying individual and their family.

  • We will be your companion, your confidant, and your cheerleader throughout your journey

  • We offer you the chance to travel your journey at home for as long as possible

  • We will laugh with you, cry with you, offer advice, and help you in any way we can. And if we can't, well, we are resourceful and will figure something out

  • We are non-medical professionals who will work collaboratively with your care team to ensure a comfortable journey

  • We will also assist you with legacy work, document what/when you want things to happen, and help you find the resources you need for your final send-off

  • We will also assist and educate your family and loved ones on what they can expect at the end of your journey and in the grief that follows.

My personal goal as a Death Doula is to (whenever possible) encourage and empower people to die the way they lived -- in the comfort and familiarity of their own home surrounded by those that matter most.​

Tammy Elliott


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